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WHAT IS THIS MOD?This is mod inspired by the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and gave him superpowers, but it is minecraft and it's vanilla-friendly


It adds 8 tiny different spiders (listed below) that bite you and give you specific potions effects. It also adds a way to catch them and use them to get specific effect in a more original way than just drinking a potion (the effects are usually something with III at the end and last for 3 minutes)


PROTIP: Except for 2, they all spawn on the surface at night (they are also extremely tiny)





Fire Resistance Spider can be found in Nether and in the desert. His bite might be especially beneficial if you are about to fall in giant pit of lava. I don't know how about you, but i would prefer a spider bite than swimming in 3000 degree liquid.


Night Vision Spider and Haste Spider can be found in caves in every biome. They might be a little jumpscare because of their sizes making them hard to spot, but they are very beneficial in the caves. Just imagine how much you will save on torches and pickaxes!



Resistance Spider and Regeneration Spider are a must be combo for any kind of dungeons. Imagine the boss' confusion when just before the fight you force two spiders in jars to bite you! If this isn't asserting dominance, I don't know what is! (the resistance spider spawns in all snowy biomes and the regeneration spiders spawns in all kinds of forests)



Speed Spider is spawning in plains. It's almost like he was there to help you to run away from the most boring plain (jk I love a good old plains biome). Jump Boost Spider lives in jungles and can be a useful addition if you are a fun of LE PARKOUR


Strength Spider might be the most OP one. Luckily, he doesn't bite you with the force of STRENGTH III potion effect, but it grants it to you with just a tiny bite. 




You need to craft EMPTY SPIDER JAR, look for the spider that you want, don't let him kill you (they do 0,5 damage so it would be kinda akward) and left-click them with the jar. You get the jar item back but with the spider inside it. To let it out you need to right-click the surface. 




MODPACKS - go ahead as long as they are on curseforge


DONT REDISTRIBUTE and don't modify it and later present it as your own, I really worked hard :( also stealing bad m'kay?