Alchemic Armoury

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Alchemic Armoury!

Inspired by Cookiehook's Liquid Enchanting - Updated for newer versions!


Alchemic Armoury allows you to add potion effects to your armour. May it be slightly OP? Yes. Is it fun? Yes!


How does it work?

Simply combine one of the main fours (Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite) armour pieces with a positive potion of your choice in a brewing stand.

Iron Chestplate With Speed RecipeSpeed on an Iron Chestplate 

Netherite Chestplate With Resistance Resistance on a Netherite Chestplate 


I'd suggest a mod such as JEI for the crafting recipes, just helps out a little bit.


I have created 240 new recipes so if you find one is giving the wrong item/effect, please let me know :D

Feel free to suggest something and please do ask if you have any questions.




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