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Alaska Native Craft

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Alaska Native Craft

Adds new mobs, tools, weapons, and armor based around Alaska Native cultures.



1. Seals

        These fellas spawn in ocean and river biomes and spend their time hunting fish.


2. Ptarmigans

        These guys can be tamed with seeds and ride your shoulder much like a parrot!


3. Moose

        Moose are the largest members of the deer family and can be found occasionally wandering the colder biomes.

        If you've got a good eye, you may even track them down by looking for trees missing some bark!


Tools and Weapons:

1. Harpoons

        Harpoons are much like tridents, except they float in water and they can be combined with leads in an anvil to allow for some long-range leashing!

Kuspuk and Harpoon

2. Ulu

        These guys are great for everything shears are good for, but they don't fill your inventory with leaf blocks.

Kuspuk and ulu



1. Kuspuks

        These traditional Alaska Native clothes are both stylish and comfortable. These outfits are here for decoration purposes only (for now).


1. Berries!
Enjoy the taste of blueberries, cloudberries, raspberries, and salmonberries! These berry bushes can only spawn in snowy and taiga biomes.
Berries2. Akutaq
If berries aren't enough to sate your sweet tooth, how about delicious akutaq? Mix some raw venison and berries in a bowl to make some! In addition, akutaq will provide some nice random benefits for a short time depending on how many berries you add!




1. Dogsleds

        Dogsleds are the best way to travel across the frozen tundra. Just harness up your favorite dog and get to mushing!

        A good thing to pay attention to is that dogsleds are much faster on snow and ice.

Dogsled with Dog


And much more!