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Aku is a deity that occurs based on references of reality that logically based on occurrence is the relativity of that logical occurrence.


With that realization comes power and technological advancement as the reality occurs or exists.


Crafting recipes for the mod can be found in the changelog.



Redstone Blocks:


Grass Covering:

This block is made with sticks on the bottom row and grass through the middle. It can be used to add timing in between things such as items falling for redstone mechanisms.


Aether portal block:

For a one time use of four glowstone blocks you can use the power of the aether to see through walls and surface areas, which gives you one of them.


Nether portal block:

For a one time use of four obsidian blocks you can use the power of the nether to see through walls and surface areas, which gives you one of them.



A block that functions similar to the redstone block, although looking more gold with 15 power.


Aether Aku:

Powered by the aether this block generates 15 power.


Nether Aku:

Powered by the nether this block generates 15 power.



This can be crafted with one redstone dust and four gold ingots.


There are three kinds of aku, which are created by combining gold ingots with a block of redstone or the two following energy sources.


Each aku creates power proportionate to the concentration that of it's center.


Although aku is a block made with three indifferent forms of energy, the three of them equally power redstone things in the game.



Transportation blocks:


Quartz Teleporter:

Made with four quartz and two gold blocks this block works with the command block and the following command to teleport the player:


The following command in a repeating command block detects 10 blocks in a spherical range of the command block if there is a player standing on a quartz teleporter facing upwards.

If the player is standing on the teleporter block then you teleport four blocks North:


/execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ aku:quartz_teleporter 1 tp @e[type=Player] ~ ~ ~-4


The 1 in the command can be given a different value for indifferent facing directions and the 3 ~'s on the end can be changed to a specific set of coordinates instead.


This way you can have a set of commands in a given area for teleporters or each one has it's own coordinates.


Obsidian Teleporter:

The obsidian teleporter is made with 4 blocks of obsidian and two gold bars. This is a stronger teleporter keeping it's original strength as it's material and has a green portal aligned from the stone it was created from.


The following command in a repeating command block will teleport the player north by four blocks if a player is standing on the teleporter:


/execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ aku:obsidian_teleporter 1 tp @e[type=Player] ~ ~ ~-4


Nether Teleporter:

The nether has provided a way for one way transit including teleportation by design or somethin' like that.

You can put one together with netherrack and red nether bricks.


The following command will teleport the player while standing on a nether teleporter by three blocks.


/execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ aku:nether_teleporter 1 tp @e[type=Player] ~ ~ ~-3



Combat blocks:



This is made with a set of planks and two iron ingots I do believe or something.


This is the original spike block from the Xbox 360 live release, this block works in all 6 directions and is also redstone compatible.


Making impact with the spikes block will make your character recieve 2 die four of damage and this damage increases significantly if your player or an entity has fallen more than five blocks.


The upside down model  is the flipped version of the original model, that it's upside down that way for a reason I guess.



Building Blocks:


Cloth blocks:

Blue Cloth, crafted with four blue wool.

Blue Mage Robe, which is crafted with four blue cloth.

The return value of one blue mage robe is three blue wool.


There are four new stone blocks:

Water On Stone



Stone Horizon


Water on stone will return four stone, pronounced returns cobblestone, stone horizon returns 32 stone.

Somewhere in between there is where it happened or something.


Stone horizon is able to be rotated facing in all four directions, it faces North by default.


Four new wood blocks:

Flower Box

Alien Wood

Hip Piece of Wood

and Magic Wood


You can make a flower box by placing a log on top of planks, this is a rotatable block as well.

Alien wood is possible to occur once a bookshelf has been shoved through an oak log.

A hip piece of wood is a combination of gold and wood both combined together.

Magic wood is possible by placing lapis lazuli and a log both aligned on the crafting grid.


Clay block:


This block is put together with two black clay blocks, three white clay blocks, and three red clay blocks.


/execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ aku:spiral 0 effect @p clear


Will clear all effects from the player if they land on a spiral block and you can also add a health boost:


/execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ aku:spiral 0 effect @p minecraft:instant_health 1 4


This command restores four health to the player when standing on the spiral block.



This mod also introduces steel to the game adding the following:

Blue Steel

Concentrated Blue Steel

Blue Aura

Blue Aura Transformation Block

Warm Steel

Concentrated Warm Steel

Warm Aura

Warm Aura Transformation Block


You can get a steel block by placing an iron block in the crafting grid and placing four coal around it in a plus or x shaped pattern.


The transformation blocks can be found in the miscellaneous tab and exists as cube forms of the original aura, which can be shaped with other mods to build with and so on and so forth.


One blue or warm steel block = 9 iron ingots

One concentrated blue or warm aura steel block = 36 iron ingots



Villager Block:


Blue Green Quilt Squares:

These are made with wool of a certain color and are for decorating one of the two.



Potion Blocks:



This is a potion block similar to soft as mentioned above although with and expanding relative sense logically.

Made with cyan dye, sunflower, a diamond, and some wheat seeds.



Example set of commands:

Repeating command block:

/execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ aku:remedy 0 effect @p clear

Chain, always active:

execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ aku:remedy 0 effect @p minecraft:instant_health 1 5

Chain, always active:

execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ aku:remedy 0 effect @p minecraft:regeneration 10 4

Chain, always active command block:

execute @e[type=Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ aku:remedy 0 effect @p minecraft:speed 10 2


If a player steps on a remedy block then all effects are cleared and they are given instant health along with regeneration as well a bonus to speed for a given time.



Spider Blocks:


Spider Block:

This block is made by concentrating various spider ingredients into something.


What's Not Crochete:

Similar to the block above although being  aware of it's functionality.



 Creative Blocks:

Molten Iron:

Adds molten iron as a creative only block. There are three variations of the block.


Molten Gold:

Adds a molten gold block as a creative only block, having three variations as well.


These have textures that are not water or lava being the main purpose for them and they can also be shaped into cubes.


Green Portal:

This is what occurs when you combine obsidian together with electricity or the powers of redstone.

This block draws from the powers of the plains to add power to an individual block or add possible functionalities to the blocks.



Extra Blocks:


Alien Blue:

Can be achieved blue placing four bottles of water onto the crafting grid.


Sea Foam Green:

Made with one double plant, a diamond, some glowstone dust, and some wheat seeds.


Jelly Donut:

This can be achieved by placing blue wool next to a sign inside the crafting grid.


Blue Mana:

Placing four blue mage robes inside the crafting grid in a + shaped pattern will give you one blue mana.


Cactuar Green:

Crafted with four cactus green.


Cactuarial Cactus Green:

Is crafted with one Cactuar Green and a cactus green.


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