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Agricultural Expansion

This mod adds 62 new crops which produce resources.


  • OreDictionary Crops;
  • Waila Compatibility;
  • Achievements;
  • Configurable;
  • Vanilla friendly textures(16x16);


This mod is licensed under MIT License.

You can use this mod in any modpack, you do not need to ask for permission.

Also you can use the mod source code and textures if you want.

More info here.


The following crops are available in version r-1.2.0:

Basic Crops:

Vanilla Crops:

  • Coal Crop, Iron Crop, Gold Crop, Lapis Crop, Quartz Crop, Redstone Crop, Diamond Crop, Emerald Crop, Glowstone Crop;

Hostile Mobs Crops:

  • Zombie Crop, Creeper Crop, Skeleton Crop, Slime Crop, Spider Crop, Guardian Crop, Ghast Crop, Wither Crop, Blaze Crop, Enderman Crop;

Passive Mobs Crops:

  • Squid Crop, Cow Crop, Sheep Crop, Chicken Crop, Pig Crop, Rabbit Crop;

Special Crops:

  • Earth Crop, Water Crop, Fire Crop, Experience Crop, Dye Crop, Nature Crop, Nether Crop;

OreDictionary Crops:

Common Ores Crops:

  • Copper Crop, Tin Crop, Silver Crop, Lead Crop, Nickel Crop, Platinum Crop, Aluminum Crop, Iridium Crop, Titanium Crop, Tungsten Crop, Zinc Crop;

Tinker's Construct Crops:

  • Ardite Crop, Cobalt Crop, Alubrass Crop, Manyullyn Crop;

Alloy Crops:

  • Bronze Crop, Steel Crop, Invar Crop, Electrum Crop, Brass Crop;

Gem Crops:

  • Ruby Crop, Sapphire Crop, Amber Crop, Malachite Crop, Peridot Crop, Tanzanite Crop, Topaz Crop;

Material Crops:

  • Apatite Crop, Rubber Crop;

 Getting Started:

First you need to craft some Resource Seeds:

From Resource Crop you will get Simple Sprouts for basic resource crops.

There are 3 tiers of sprouts:

  1. Simple Sprout(basic sprouts obtained from Resource Crop);
  2. Powerful Sprout(10% chance to drop from all resource crops);
  3. Ultimate Sprout(5% chance to drop from all resource crops);

After you have collected at least 8 resource sprout you can make some basic resource crops.

Coal is one of the cheapest resource crop:

After you collected some Powerful and Ultimate Sprouts you can make the next tier of resource crops:

For example iron and gold need 4 simple sprouts and 4 powerful sprouts.

The last tier of crops require 4 powerful sprout and 4 ultimate sprouts(e.g diamond and emerald):


After you collected enough essence you can make resources.

Here are some examples:

Use a recipe viewer mod like JEI for recipes.



Release 1.2.0:

-new textures for every block/item/crop;

-some recipe tweaks(more uses for some essences);

-fixed a bug when you can obtain essence from crops even if it wasn't fully grown;


I didn't have a proper changelog until r-1.2.0 version but here are some of the major updates:

Beta 1.1.11-1.1.16:

-Bug fixes;

-New recipes;

-Re-balanced some parts of the mod;

-Added powerful and ultimate sprouts;

-Chunks drop rates changed;

-And many more changes;

Beta 1.1.10:

-OreDictionary Crops were added;

Beta 1.1.9:

-Duplicate Seed bug now is fixed;

Beta 1.1.8:

-Added 5 new crops:

*Earth Crop;

*Water Crop;

*Fire Crop;

*Experience Crop;

*Dye Crop;

Beta 1.1.7:

-Code Update;

Beta 1.1.6:


Beta 1.1.5:

-Waila fix;

Beta 1.1.4:

-Re-write some parts of the mod;

Beta 1.1.3:

-Added 5 passive mob crops:

*Cow Crop

*Sheep Crop

*Chicken Crop

*Pig Crop

*Rabbit Crop

Beta 1.1.2:

-Fix some recipes;

Beta 1.1.1:

-All sprouts are generated in loot chests.

*The chance can be modified via config file;

-Added 4 new recipes, now you can make:

*Gunpowder using ghast essence;

*Fish using guardian essence;

*Blaze powder using blaze essence;

*String using spider essence;

Beta 1.1.0:


*Mob Chunks(used for crafting mob crops);

-New textures for:

*All crops;

*All essences;

*All sprouts;

*Sprout Block;

~Alpha Stage~

Alpha 1.0.4:


*Glowstone Crop

*Blaze Crop

*Enderman Crop

*Squid Crop

Alpha 1.0.3:

-Mob Crops added;

Alpha 1.0.2:

-add a config file(work in progress);

Alpha 1.0.1:

-update mcmod.info;

-fix a texture bug;

Alpha 1.0.0:

-first public release;



Here is a picture with all the items and crops added by this mod:



A little field with Diamond, Emerald, Cobalt, Redstone and Resource Crops:



OOClan support Agricultural Expansion: