Ager's Mosslings and Villages (now with their own gorgeous biome)

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A new race of creatures for your world - Mosslings! They come in seven variations - small, warrior, archer, hawk, horse, brute and wild brute - and have their own custom villages, forts and their own unique biome - the Rock Wood Forest (which is full of custom structures).

 A showcase and guide can be viewed at 2:20 in this video, but doesn't include the new biome (see images tab for the biome)

Small Mossling / Brute
Occasionally lays eggs, which later spawn into new mosslings. Though they are passive small mosslings have a chance, when attacked, to transform into mossling brutes - larger hostile mossling with giant teeth and a tendency to attack everything around them  (even other mosslings). After a short time the mossling brute will transform back into a passive small mossling. To hatch one place a mossling egg on a moss block.

Mossling Warrior
Armed with axe and a shield, these guys are tougher and will attack any monster in sight. Immune to projectile attacks. To hatch one place a mossling egg at least two blocks deep in water..

Mossling Archer
Armed with only a bow, these guys are great long range fighters, esp when you group them together. They'll attack any monster in sight. To hatch one place a mossling egg on a grass block.

Mossling Hawk
Flying version. Will attack monster mobs. To hatch one place a mossling egg on a gravel block.

Mossling Horse
Faster than vanilla horses and is immune to falling damage. To spawn one place a mossling egg on top of a hay bale.

Wild Brute
These spawn in warm biomes and do not transform back into small mosslings. You'll recognize them by their dirtier colour and glowing eye. 

Each mossling type has a specific colour of flower adorning their head or body. Tame them with similar coloured flowers / ores / gems. For example, the Mossling Warrior has a blue flower on his head. He can be tamed with lapis lazuli, diamond, blue orchid, cornflower etc and will follow the player if they are holding one of those items in hand. 

Mosslings spawn in their own Rock Wood Forest biome, but not in vanilla biomes. They also appear in their own custom villages, which generate similarly to vanilla villages, but have their own mushroom and moss based houses and boulder structures. Mossling villages will generate occasionally in vanilla biomes, but are more frequent in the Rock Wood Forest. In these villages you will find mossling eggs placed in or next to the structures. Leave them to hatch on their own or collect them to replant where ever you wish. You could keep them and create a small army of mosslings in your base. However, they will only hatch if they are placed on grass, gravel, hay bale or moss blocks or are placed at least two blocks deep in water. Where you place them will determine what kind of mossling will hatch. You will also come across other mossling structures in your world such as forts and giant mushroom towers.

Requires Forge.

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