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The Aether: Redux


Version 2.0 out on 1.20.1 and 1.19.2!

Note: This mod requires The Aether, Aeroblender, Terrablender, and GeckoLib as of release 2.0

Additional Note: Update 2.0 has made a ton of huge changes, so if you have an old world using version 1.3.4 or below, I suggest you reset the Aether dimension as there are many new features that will be missing otherwise, and existing things may break!

Note: the crashing issue has now been fixed, 2.0.15 has been released.

The Aether: Redux is an expansive addon mod for the well-known Aether mod, adding a wide variety of new content ranging from several new biomes to an overhaul to the mod's first dungeon. There are a variety of other new features as well!

A whole lot of new mob models have also been implemented, which are all configurable as well, so you can choose between Redux's upgraded versions and the originals if you prefer them.

You can also configure Redux's built-in asset overrides resource pack, using the new in-game config system created specifically for this, so you can change the appearance of various parts of the mod to your hearts content!

Speaking of configuration, the mod also has a ton of configuration options, so check those out, as you could very well prefer certain options over others.



Aerod and BrianIsBro - Their Jappafied Aethers resource pack of which several textures in this mod use as a base, along with the style of the pack that this mod uses

Emile van Krieken - A few music tracks which are added in this mod

345boneshoss - Their Glacia trapdoor and door textures they gave me for this mod, along with the shapes for the Blightwillow door and trapdoor

RazorDevs - Their Roseroot tree shapes they allowed me to use for the Glacia tree shapes

unroman - Ukranian translation

Parallel113 - Chinese (Simplified) translation

IcyCrystal - Concept and texture for the Subzero Crossbow weapon

ModdingLegacy - The 'cow' sounds from their Moolands mod, which were used for... something... in the mod

Builderdog841 - Complete overhaul of the biome balancing, bringing much better generation to the mod

Jonathing - Improvements to the mod's Mixin code

LlamaLad7 - MixinExtras, which is an embedded library dependency


Wurlette - New menu track for the mod's main menu