AE2 EE3 EMC Add-On

133,873 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 10, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

AE2 EE3 EMC Add-on

* This is not been updated to support rv3's new API *


This is a simple AE2 Add-on mod that adds EE3 EMC values to all the AE2 items.
This addon will also add EE3 EMC values to all AE2 add-on mods that use the AE2 custom recipe handler, such as Extra Cells, and Thaumic Energistics.


This is known to also add EMC to the following AE2 Add-on's

- Extra Cells 2

- Thaumic Energistics

(probably a lot more that I dont know about)


Please Note:
Because EE3 is still in beta, there might be items from AE2 that do not have EMC, it depends on the other mods that are installed in your mod pack.  EE3 is still in beta and these problems will be solved over time.

Also Note:
This mod does not add EMC to ProjectE, and is not compatible at all with ProjectE


This mod requires the following in order to run correctly and without problems

Forge: or newer
Applied Energistics 2: rv2-stable-1 or newer
Equivalent Exchange 3: Version 0.3.507 or newer

If you are using any other AE2 Add-ons such as Thaumic Energistics or Extra Cells make sure you are using the latest and up to date versions.


This mod gets installed on both the client and the server, and just gets dropped in the mods folder.  There is no configuration files.

Problems / Crashes

If you have any issues with this mod or find a problem, before submitting an error report, please make sure you are up to date on all your AE2 mod and Add-On Mods, generally this fixes most problems.


If this does not solve your issue, click Issues at the top and submit your issue.  If submitting a crash report, please make sure to submit the full crash report.

Mod Packs

Permission granted for use in mod packs

Source Code

This mod is open source, if you wish to see the source code, or help with contributions you can find the source code here:



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