Adventurer's Beyond


A mod that focuses on adding new content centered around exploration and adventuring, explore new cave biomes found in the depths of the overworld, new nether biomes of ash and fire, a updated end with Elora filled islands, and much more! Along with the current upgrades to existing dimensions, a new dimension Mythica is added with this mod! Explore a once great but now shattered dimension, filled with frozen icy glaciers, huge towering cliffs, and forever expanding forests. But be careful, you are not alone... Scattered around the dimensions you will find 4 huge dungeons with elemental themed bosses. Take them down for some special essence items that will allow you upgrade a new type of gear called Mythril, into powerful elemental gear, each with its own fuctions! Along with these additions, new mobs and structures may spawn in existing biomes for extra challenge, so be wary!

Requires Terrablender!!!


Mod Trailer!