Advent of Thaumaturgy

5,254 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 26, 2016

Currently adds the following:

Rods and caps of different exotic woods of the dimensions. Almost all of them have a special ability, find out!

Foci for the basic staves (wind, water, fire, poison, wither) and the boss staves (currently done: noxious, coral, minion), each with two distinct paths for upgrade. Will you call forth raging hurricanes or relentless gales?

Two sets of armor, whose researches are secret (hint hint, the armor of half-diamond resonates with unbiased magic, and the vestment beyond bedrock harmonizes with the eldritch scholar... okay too many hints).

Ability to infuse realmstones onto swords. Want a Precasian harvester blade? A Mysterious skeletal sword? Got you covered.

An infinite bullet bag. Terraria? Terraria.

A spirit pendant that auto-summons spirit guardians when you are hurt. Expecto Patronum!

A corrupt recipe that truly puts the "skeletal" back into the skeletal sword...

More coming at (ir)regular intervals!

Some icons are well *sarcasm* drawn because I have no art skills. Feel free to contribute, and we'll throw you a mention!

Works with Thaumcraft and either AoA 2.4.B or 2.5 snapshot. Make sure you grab the correct one in the downloads.


Note: You can use it in modpacks, just add a link here!




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