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  • Tools are indestructibe
  • Tool materials can be upgraded
  • Tools can be repaired
  • Tools track statistics
  • Tools have modifiable enchantments
  • Full JEI compatibility



The recipes of these tools are equal to all vanilla tools, just flipped upside down.


Every tool can be repaired with its corresponding material.

Change Material

The material of every tool can be changed to a better or worse one. Just combine it with the right amount in the crafting grid.

Convert Books

You can convert enchanted books to enchantment templates. These can be used to add enchantments to your tool.


You can combine any tool with a compatible enchantment template to apply the enchantment.

Remove Enchantments

You can remove any enchantment from your tool with the enchantment remover. Just right-click the enchantment remover until you see the enchanment you wish to remove and then put it togehter with the tool you want to remove the enchantment from in a crafting grid.

Convert Enchantments

You can put the enchantments back on books by combining the enchantment template with a book in the crafting grid.

Combine Enchantments

Like with enchanted books in the anvil, you can combine two equal enchantments to a higher enchantment level, by putting them together in the crafting grid.

Split Enchantments

You can split an enchantment into two lower level enchantments by putting the enchantment template into the crafting grid.

Converting Vanilla Tools

Vanilla tools can be converted to advanced tools by just placing them into the crafting grid.