Minecraft Forge based XRay mod designed to aid players who don't like the ore searching process.


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I have disabled comments, please go to my Github if you have any issues with the mod. You can find a link to my Github in the buttons at the top of the project, The one called Issues.

A note on Optifine

Currently, the mod does not and has not work with Optifine since MC 1.7.x. I am not sure why the two mods do not work together and due to Optfine being closed source I don't have the ability to investigate it properly. For now, I just recommend not using the two mods together. I hope to have it fixed soon.


  • Built using Forge hammer_and_pick
  • Clean UI For Adding, Deleting and Editing the blocks you want to X-Ray
  • Full RGB Colour selector
  • Searchable List to find Blocks
  • Add Blocks from your hand
  • Add Blocks you're looking at!
  • Searchable list of blocks you've added

How to use


Please note that these aren't always the ones set by default. Be sure to check your controls settings under XRay to find the correct keys

  • Press Backslash to toggle XRay ON/OFF
  • Press Z to open the selection & settings Gui

Adding Blocks

  • Open the selection & settings Gui
  • Select the method you'd like to use to add a block, either
    • From hand will setup the basic version of the block. So no axis, facing, etc
    • Looking At Will setup the complex version of the block, good for blocks you need specifc data from
    • Searching a list Like From hand, it will only setup a basic block
  • Set the Name, Color, and anything else you'd like to change
  • Click add and Enable the Block if it's not enabled. You can enable and disable blocks by clicking on them in the Gui.

Editing Blocks

  • Right click on any item in the Gui and edit as needed
  • Click save and the changed will be applied instantly

Use on public servers

I DO NOT support the use of this mod on any public servers which do not allow this kind of mod. The mod does work on servers but I do not approve of, and will not, support anyone that attempts to use this mod on servers. I do not have the time to review each issue; I will simply close any issue with server connections in the crash log.

If you wish to use this mod on private servers then that's on you. If you use this on public servers and are banned then that's on you and I will not support your use of this mod in that way.