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Advanced TFC Tech


The experience of a textile weaver is that of a hard-worker. He sits at the loom all day, holding down right click (though for those skilled few they may man multiple looms at once), persisting each day to produce a humble amount of fabric. However, for some this is simply not enough. For some conjure dreams of vast production chain of textile production, the sum of which producing a hundred times the output of a single weaver - but the poor loom cannot suffice.

Introducing, the Power Loom! Industrial-wave technology has brought a better, faster, grander solution to all your textile needs. Provide power and the weave of your choice, and you'll be a power-hungry empire in no time.


(Dependencies: Immersive Engineering 0.98, Immersive Petroleum 1.1.9, Terrafirmacraft-TNG


The Power Loom is completely gui-less; to add fiber/yarn to weave, you must shift-right click on the bar on the input side of the loom with the items in your hand. The loom must also be primed with fiber/yarn by shift-right clicking on the wires in the center of the machine. Then, pirns winded with the same fabric must be put on the pirn holder at the front of the machine. Power is supplied in back and a redstone toggle is located near the front.

To get output, you can either place a storage block in the center of the output side or right click with an empty hand on the output bar. Hoppers / an input mechanism of your choice should be able to input pirns and fiber/yarn at their respective positions.


Power loom & other machines are hopper-able :)


Currently there is no manual entry for the multiblock, so you must use a projector from Immersive Petroleum to display the blueprint.

Manual page added as of 0.1.2


Craftweaker currently not supported for power loom recipes; hardcoded recipes are:

4x Burlap Cloth - 48 jute fiber OR 48 hemp + 1 fiber-winded pirn

4x Wool Cloth - 48 wool yarn + 1 wool-winded pirn

4x Silk Cloth - 48 string + 1 silk-winded pirn


Looms must be primed with 16 of the correct item before they will process anything.


Check JEI/NEI for recipes for pirns/winded versions. Default recipes are:

Pirn - 2 treated wood + 1 treated stick

Fiber-Winded Pirn - 8 jute fiber/hemp + 1 pirn

Wool-Winded Pirn - 8 wool yarn + 1 pirn

Silk-Winded Pirn - 8 string + 1 pirn


Introduced in 0.2.0: The Thresher and Grist Mill for automation of grain refinement.

Threshers split inedible husk from the raw crop, leaving unrefined grain.

Grist Mills grind grain into flour.


Added in 0.2.4: Firepits and Charcoal Forges with fixed inventory capabilities.

(TFC's firepit and charcoal forge don't allow proper input/output with hoppers and such).

Simply shift-right-click on either block in the world to convert it to a fixed version.



- Dough Mixer, for automating dough production

- Making grain refinement more involved, likely with the introduction of a Centrifuge