Advanced IC2 Tools

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10


Dec 19, 2015

Owner: Yvesm

Due to the current GraviSuite being riddled by quite a few bugs and Estebes GraviSuite not having them implemented, I made a tiny IC2 mod that reimplements the original GraviSuite advanced tools


They store the same energy as their original counterparts, use the same recipes with the only thing different are the lack modes in the Advanced Drill. They also use new textures made by hand with inspiration from the original and staying faithful to the 16x16 size textures, these are subject to change.


Later on will include the Omni-Tool which is a universal wrench(With BC, TE and IC2 support) similar to the Omni Wrench from OmniTools back in the 1.4.7 era of mods.


This mod is compatible with Speiger/Immibis' IC2 Classic

Do not use this with the original GraviSuite, as it will produce recipe conflicts, instead use Estebes GraviSuite if you intend to use GraviSuite at all.


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