Advanced Golems (Forge)

For the fabric version see here


This mod adds in a small golem that helps you defend an area from hostile mobs.



To create a golem simply craft a golem spawner and right click on a block:


A golem has an area of 9 blocks (default) centered around his home position in which he will attack mobs.

The golem has 4 modi of operation:
Aggressive: In this state the golems wanders around and attacks any mobs coming into the area
Waiting: The golems stays at his home position till a mob wanders in the area

Passive: The golem wanders around but will not attack anything

Standing: The golem stays at his home position and will not do anything else


Make a golem controller to pickup, change the home position and change the modus of a golem. Shift right click with this item in hand to cycle through the operations:


By itself the golem is pretty weak but you are able to give him armor and weapons which he will use and will make him stronger.

Also there are some items you can give to the golem to further upgrade him. These are changeable via config:

Sugar: Increases move and fly speed. Can be applied up to 10 times

Netherstar: Gives the golem a jetpack so he can fly around. If the golem has a ranged weapon he will try to hover above the mob though he is unable to do it very long without a pause.

Glistering Melon: Increases golem health

Diamond: Increases golem attack damage in addition to held item

Obsidian: Increases knockback resistance

Feather: Increases the fly duration of a golem during combat

Ghast tear: Increases golem regenerative powers

Magma cream: Gives golem immunity to fire

Glass: Increases a golems home radius

Carved Pumpkin: Makes golem anger all nearby hostile mobs

Flint: Makes golems projectile only hurt what its targeting


Golems are (changeable in the config) immortal: Instead of dying they will shutdown. You then need to give it a golden apple to revive them.


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