Advanced Factory

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Advanced Factory

So many mods, so many machines. But the most important achievement of modern industry is still missing: sustainability. Recycling is one of the most value things in real life as in minecraft. Using renewable energy sources helps to cut down on fossil and therefore hard to come by resources.

Now you can improve your minecraft factories to a hole new level! Make use of more stuff you find, like used armor and tools. Recycle stuff you dont need anymore. Generate power with sun and water. It's up to you!

Advanced Factory adds a few machines and generators to enhance modern minecraft industry. Like the recycler, which can break down many, if not all, items crafted with wood, metal or even diamonds. Or the solar panels, providing basicly free energy, as long as the sun is up. Or you have a good light source near by. But see for yourself and explore completly new ways to build your base and factories!

Forge or newer
CoFH Lib or CoFH Core for 1.7.10

Regarding Mod Packs:

DO NOT include this mod into any mod pack yet, unless you really want to risk it. Its a Beta Version and it might not stable!
Otherwise, wait until I release a stable version of my mod.

In any case you include this into a mod pack, please let me know. I want to keep track =P And of course give me credit!


Beta v0.4
Sometimes, the little things bite you..
- Fixed Compressor and Crystallizer working too fast: the recipes had the wrong energy requirement
- All generators will now transfer twice as much as they produce


Beta v0.3
Modding conventions are a nice thing... if and when people stick with them =(
- Added load order dependencies for TF/TE/TD
- Recipe algorithm will now proceed later to catch all recipes
- Rebalanced Resonant Solar Panel: Same power output as advanced, but still less affected by low light
- All machines can now store 40k RF
- All generators can now store 20k RF, pellet engine can store 40k
- Fixed energy rate for machines. Should be 40RF, has been 10RF. They will work faster now!
- Fixed pellet engines burning fuel even if their internal storage is full
- Fixed wrong mini wiki information: Pellet Engines are not supposed to burn any fuel, just wood based

Beta v0.2.1
Small mistakes, big problems:
- Fixed missing copy() call on recycler, causing weird scrap output on damaged items (keeps changed stacksize on recipe)
- Fixed config calculation error. I meant 20/100 not 100/20... huge difference!

Beta v0.2
- Fixed display bug
- Added more intelligent ore dict handling
- Got rid of empty recipes
- Recipes with tools will now be ignored
- Can now handle multiple recipes for a single item
- Added more metals
- Made available for public testing!

Beta v0.1
- Replaced both Shredder and Deconstructor with the Recycler.
- Rewritten the recipe algorithm, so it could analyze more complex recipes
- Added basic NEI support

Alpha v0.0
- Created mod.

Submit Feedback!
To improve this mod, I need your feedback! If you find any bug or problem, let me know. If you enjoy this mod, let me know.
In case of error or bugs, please provide detailed information about what happend. Always include information about other mods you use and/or the mod pack.

Post any feedback over on my Forum Thread!


More Information

Mini Wiki / Known Issues / Future Changes

Visit the corresponding Forum Thread!



© Xcytress 2015-2016 - This mod (modification/plugin/patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod"), by the terms of are sole property of the mod author, Xcytress (henceforth "Owner"). It may only be distributed by the Owner. It may not be mirrored or reposted without advance written permission of the Owner. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off the Owners Mods are strictly forbidden without advance written permission. This mod is not open source. All rights reserved


More Legal Information:

Parts of this mod may be based upon code from other authors (APIs). As far as these APIs are included in this mod, they are © by their respective owners and may have their own license.

CAUTION! This mod is provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The Owner of this mod takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use or misuse of this mod. As most mods, it alters more or less fundamental parts of the game. Therefore Minecraft or parts of it may not work with this mod installed. Again: All damages caused by the use or misuse of this mod fall on the user!


Thanks to Team CoFH for the RedstoneFlux API!
Thanks to ChickenBones for the NEI API!

The copyright text is based on Purplicious_Cow's, 'cause its damn good =) Thanks for the reference ;P


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