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Advanced Botany

Advanced Botany is an addon to Botania that expands the existing functionality with new content.

The main development point in Advanced Botany is the Ancient Alphirine. It's the smartest flower there is, because it absorbs knowledge straight from the soil, and is able to take resources from the past (From the time the Elves lived on Earth). With it opens a new type of knowledge - Forgotten Knowledge, you just need to drop a Lexicon near it, and immediately a miniportal will open, which will hand over an updated Lexicon!


Forgotten Knowledge will unlock brand new items and devices! For example: Mana Charger - it can charge up to 4 portable mana sources at once (Rings, tablets), or Mana Crystal Cube - which checks all mana storages with a spark, and sends data about their fullness.

More information about the innovations can be found in the Lexicon!


Discord developer: Pulxes#9244

Links: YouTube chanel