Additional Enchanted Miner

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Filename AdditionalEnchantedMiner-1.15.2-15.2.1.jar
Uploaded by Kotori316
Uploaded Feb 18, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 1.28 MB
Downloads 17,286
MD5 91e6e1c575cb514686cf18b84d94d7e4
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


This mod requires a library, Scalable Cat's Force.

Version 15.2.1

  • Allow minus energy when digging. #78.
  • Implemented area limitation for ChunkDestroyer.
  • Fixed quarry drill was rendered in wrong dimension..\
  • Imported changes from 1.14.4 2020/02/14.
    • Many internal changes.
    • Chain breaking of frame expanded
    • More info on Status Checker
    • Faster pump
    • Fuel Module for AdvPump

Version 15.2.0

  • Update to Minecraft 1.15.2

Version 15.0.3

  • Fixed solid fuel quarry had no renderer.
  • Change default value of NoEnergy to false.
  • Fixed crashes and infinite loops of Chunk Destroyer.
  • Render improvement. Not to render far lines.

Version 15.0.2

  • Add support of JEI.

Version 15.0.1-SNAPSHOT

  • Added renderer for QuarryPlus.
  • Disabled own font renderer in WorkbenchPlus.
  • Added recipe hint of WorkbenchPlus.

Version 15.0.0-SNAPSHOT

  • First version for Minecraft 1.15.1
  • Renderer for QuarryPlus and Old QuarryPlus aren't implemented because of some rendering issue.

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