Additional Banners

3,041,804 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

This mod aims to improve vanilla banners by adding new patterns. These patterns are based on existing items in the game and are perfect for adding extra immersion to your Minecraft world. The mod currently features 44+ new designs!

For images, screenshots, and documentation, check out the images section of this project page!



Q: Why does the shield pattern use a door?

A: The shield can already be crafted with banners, meaning they can not be used as a pattern ingredient. Historically doors have been used as a stand in for shields before shields were added and I don't think a door pattern would make sense. It felt like a good fit for those reasons.


Q: The banner pattern wont craft, what gives?

A: Some of the patterns use items with variations, such as armor and tools. Banner patterns can only use the main version of an item, so if the tool or armor is damaged it wont work. Banner patterns also can not support ore dictionary entries, so it must be the exact item.


Q: Can I put any item in the game on a banner?

A: While that would be cool, the banner system isn't very flexible. All the patterns are created by hand, and it will not be possible for users to add their own designs using this mod.


Q: Will this work on servers?

A: Yes, this mod will work on servers. Make sure the server has the mod installed as well. All players connecting to the server will need this mod.


Q: What happens if I uninstall this mod, but have banners with these patterns?

A: The modded pattern will become invisible. It will still be on the banner, but it will basically not exist. The banner patterns will be restored if you ever install the mod again.


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