Ad Astra: Giselle Addon

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# Ad Astra random adds addon

Ad Astra addon, add things for convenience, compatibility

This mod has few features yet.
Getting Ideas! (Compatibility, Little things, other anything)

# Features

## Items

1. Oxygen Can / Netherite Oxygen Can
    Can store oxygen, transfer to other oxygen loader.
    Fill oxygen to all armor, inventory. (mekanism items also (e.g. Scuba Tank))
    Try right click on held, change mode and will show HUD when equip spacesuit.

    Check temperature range!
    In Hot planets, you should netherite oxygen can instead of normal.
    Curios compatible!

2. Sliding Door Key
     Right click to lock/unlock Sliding Door.
     Locked door can only be opened or closed by redstone.
     Also can be used Reinforced Door and Airlock.


## Machines

1. Fuel Loader
    Can receive fuel fluid. (check below Fuel Compatibility)
    Then fuel loader give fuel to 'Rover' or 'Rockets' within 2 blocks.
    It like fuel station.

2. Automation NASA Workbench
    Connect hopper or pipe to insert ingredients and extract rocket.
    It mean can implement automation with AE2 or RS.

3. Gravity Normalizer
    Normalize living's gravity in wide range.

4. Rocket Sensor
    Output near rocket's state as redstone signal through Comparator.


## Enchantments

All enchantments can't trade villager in nature.
    But there are craftable.

All enchantments will use armor's durability.
If Item has energy storage like Jetpack or Redstone Arsenal also Tech Reborn's Quantum Armors
    Will use energy instead.

Energy, durability using amount is can configurable.
And support enchantment description mod.

1. Space Breathing : Can breath in Ad Astra's planet/orbit.
    Require enabled 'Oxygen Can' in inventory.

2. Space Fire Proof : Don't damage and set fire to player in HOT planets. (e.g. Mercury, Venus)

3. Acid Rain Proof : Don't damage from acid rain in Venus.

4. Gravity Normalizing: Normalize gravity like Overworld.


## Commands

Require player permission least 2. (OP)
Use for test/debug.


1. /giselle_addon equip <armor_type> : Equip armors to player
    <armor_type> is follow below
    Example) /giselle_addon equip mekasuit

    1) space_suit : Basic Space Suit with oxygen full
    2) netherite_space_suit : Netherite Space Suit with oxygen full
    3) jet_suit : Jet Suit with oxyge and energy full
    Mekanism Optional
    4) mekasuit : Require install 'Mekanism', MekaSuit with modules
    5) pneumatic_armor : Require install 'PneumaticCraft', Pneumatic Armors with full air and upgrades

    6) flux_armor : Require install 'Redstone Arsenal', Flux-Infused Armors with enchantments

    Fabric Optional
    7) quantum_armor: Require install 'Tech Reborn' Quantum armors with enchantments


## Fuel Compatibility

Other mod fluid can use at Rover, Rocket and Fuel Loader

### Fabric
1. Tech Reborn: Diesel, Biofuel
2. Modern Industrialization: Diesel, Biodiesel

### Forge
3. #forge:biofuel (e.g. Industrial Foregoing)
4. Thermal Expansion : Refined Fuel
5. Ultimate Car Mod : Bio Diesel


# Compatibles

## Mekanism

1. Add mekasuit modules

    1) Space Breathing Unit: Can breathe in Ad Astra's planet/orbit using oxygen and energy.
        Require enabled 'Oxygen Can' in inventory.
        When player in water or rain, fill mekanism oxygen gas in held item.
        Also supply air to player in water like 'Electrolytic Breathing Unit'.

    2) Space Fire Proof Unit: Prevent damage and set fire to player in HOT planets, using energy.
    3) Acid Rain Proof Unit: Prevent acid rain damage in Venus, using energy.
    4) Gravity Normalizing Unit: Normalize gravity like Overworld, using energy.


## Industrial Foregoing

1. Add ore laser recipes.
2. Add fluid layer recipes.
    1) Oil in ocean


## Applied Energistics 2

1. Add sky stone recipes.
    1) Sky Stone can crush into sky stone dust.
    2) Sky Stone can smelt into sky stone block.


## PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

1. Add Pneumatic Armor upgrades.
    Each feature is same with mekanism module or enchantment.
    But use air instead of energy, durability.

    1) Space Breathing Upgrade
    2) Space Fire Proof Upgrade
    3) Acid Rain Proof Upgrade
    4) Gravity Normalizing Upgrade


# Translation

  • en_us
  • ko_kr
  • zh_cn
  • pl_pl
  • ru_ru
  • de_de


# License

MIT and while 'Ad Astra' allows.


# Modpacks

Can use in modpacks under license.


# Known Bugs

1. Nothing Yet.


# Issue or suggestion?

Here to "New Issue".


# Idea Note

Getting Ideas!!!

1. Mekanism new upgrade module: Space Travel (can instead Rocket, upgrade to Tier 2, Tier 3 by crafting)