Accidentally Circumstantial Events(ACE)

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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Accidentally Circumstantial Events (ACE) is a minecraft mod that by using JSON files allows to configure custom tasks perfofmed after certain triggers occur. For example it is possible to cancel enderman teleporting ability, add trading station, make ordinary block a sacrificial altar which for dmg will grant potion effect, spawn mobs, make contaminated area only accesable with some items. Mod should be compatibile with other mods (giving blocks new abilities and spawning mod mobs tested with Quadrum and Thaumcraft).


How to

Tasks, triggers and conditions are configured in JSON files which should be located in config/AccidentallyCircumstantialEvents/ directory. Configuration files are described on wiki pages.


Current features


- sending chat message

- enderman teleporting and using enderpearl

- harvesting a block

- left clicking and right clicking blocks (also moded)(interacting will all blocks (not only defined by player) as of 1.5.0)

- tossing items (Q)

- joining world

- time - every x ticks task can be performed

- quest - mods that implement AceQuestEventAPI and use it and trigger for example reward (as of 1.1.0)

- achievement (as of v 1.2.0)

- item expire (as of v 1.6.0)

- entity death (as of 1.7.0)

- entity dropping items (as of 1.7.0)




- placing block in world

- canceling event if it is cancelable

- posting chat message

- add drops block

- clear all drops from block

- remove defineddrops from block

- adding items to inventory (as of 1.6.0 with custom nbt)

- removing items from inventory

- dropping items in wolrd

- causing player to under potion effect

- reload ACE config on fly in game

- spawning mobs (also moded)

- dumping list of items, blocks, entities or achievements (as of v 1.2.0) for use in ACE and everything else

- setting time of day (as of 1.0.2)
- executing command (as of 1.0.2)(ignoring privilages as of 1.5.0)

- playing custom sounds (as of 1.3.0)

- counting triggers by using variables (as of 1.5.0)

- item life change task (as of 1.6.0)

- removing, adding, clearing drops (as of 1.7.0)



- being in area defined by two points

- random cance x in 100

- dimmension

- items  in inventory (as of 1.6.0 checks also nbt)

- being in area defined by point and radius

- reversed conditions (as of 1.0.1)

- proximity to block or entity (as of 1.0.2)
- active item condition (as of 1.0.2)
- checking time of day (as of 1.0.2)

- checking objetives of scoreboard (as of v 1.2.0)

- checking finished achievements (as of v 1.2.0)

- checking difficulty (as of v 1.4.0)

- checking potion effect on player (as of v 1.4.0)

- checking variable value (as of 1.5.0)

- checking weather (as of 1.6.0)

- checking biome (as of 1.6.0)

- checking item being on block (as of 1.6.0)

- checking player name (as of 1.7.0)


For future there are planned many more things and stuffs eg:

- making opposite conditions (not having item, not being in area etc) done in 1.0.1

- more triggers, more tasks more conditions

- making tasks conditions



All information how to use mod is gathered on wiki pages.

All issues and bugs please report on issue tracker under "Issues" link.

I test my mod after every compilation but im 1 man team so sometimes there can be bugs. Before using ACE be sure to make copy of Your worlds so You dont loose anything. Im not taking responibility for not taking precautions. 



Use in modpacks is encouraged and allowed by linking to this page. Also info about pack including it would be great but is not a necessity.



Special thanks  to

MCP and Forge teams for making modding possible

Pahimar and Vswe for modding tutorials

dmillerw for inspiration



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