Academy Monster

4,488 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

AcademyMonster is a small AcademyCraft addon which give monsters superability. Mobs will spell Railgun, ScatterBomb, VectorReflection, etc ,to fight against you.


Available skill:

  • ElectroMaster: Arc Gen, Body Intensify, Raingun, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Clap
  • Meltdowner: Electron Bomb, Light Shield, Scatter Bomb, Meltdowner, Electron Missile, Mine Ray
  • VecManip: Direct Shock, Ground Shock, Vector Reflection, Blood Retro
  • Teleporter: Penetrate Teleport, Shift Teleport, Location Teleport, Flesh Ripping, Flashing

New mobs:

  • Fake Railgun.
  • Insane Meltdowner

New app(in Data Terminal):

  • App Scanner

How to Install:
Install Forge and AcademyCraft 1.0.4, and then drop this mod's .jar file into your mods folder.



Academy Monster 1.0.2 or below support AcademyCraft 1.0.4

Academy Monster 1.0.3a only support AcademyCraft 1.0.6

Academy Monster 1.0.4 only support AcademyCraft 1.0.7


Bug Feedback:

Github page:


If you can read chinese, see more information in MCBBS.


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