A.K._II's More Materials Mod

133 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 26, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds new vanilla type ores and items, compatible with mods like Gregtech or Extreme reactors using oreDictionary ingot names


Currently Adding: 

Russian & English localization

-Uranium and Titanium ores and ingots

  • There are 3 tiers of sword and pickaxe: Sharp (Best), Durable (Middle) and the worst - Cheap (added in v1.2 update)

Found on height between 5 and 30 with ~redstone rarity 

Update v1.1 updated textures screenshot, old version here



-Irradiated Iron Armor and Tools

A middle between Iron and Diamond tools/armor

Cheap tools have 419, durable tools have 650 and sharp have 843 durability.

Damage also changes

Full armor set gives you 17 armor points and 4 armor toughness points.

Tool enchantability=15

Armor enchantability=11

Sword, pickaxe and chestplate use Redstone Core to craft.



-Heated iron, titanium and uranium for alloys



Heated Iron


Irradiated Iron


-Titanium Tools

Have less efficiency that Irradiant tools, but have much more durability

Tools have 1984 durability

Tool enchantability=12

Toolset has no sword

Using iron rods instead of sticks



Update v1.1

Utanium Tools & Armor

A bit better than diamond tools and a bit worse armor

More efficient than Irradiant and titanium tools

Cheap tools have 1230, durable tools have 1629 and sharp (fancy) have 1920 durability.

Damage and efficiency also changes

Tool enchantability=18

Armor enchantability=14

Full armor set gives you 19 armor resistance and 8 armor toughness points

Sword, armor and chestplate need Redstone Core to craft


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