A Cute Little Crock Pot

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This is a Fabric mod.

I will absolutely not be making a Forge port of this, or backporting to any version before 1.18.2. For those wondering why I'm going to be maintaining a 1.18.2 version, look here.



You are welcome to make your own, though.


WARNING: Version 1.12.0 will likely reset all of your crock pots and all of your options. You may need to break and place your pots to reset them correctly.


I'm aware that Sodium currently makes crock pot bodies render entirely in black. This is not an issue I can resolve. As far as I can tell, it is an issue with Sodium, that has not been addressed, and does not seem like it will be resolved.



This is a very simple mod that is based quite heavily on the Charm cooking pot. You put it over a fire, fill it with water, and throw your food in.

It'll make a delicious, filling stew.

Just, uh... don't reboil your old stew.



  • Chuck a bunch of food into a boiling pot and you're good to go!
  • Some kind of redstone interactions! Right click with an empty hand to change the output type, so it's based on the fullness of the pot, the bonus levels of the stew, or no output at all. WTHIT or some other information display recommended for this.
  • Sneak right click with an empty hand to dump out the contents of the pot.
  • Use a redstone block on the pot to make it self-powered, or need redstone to boil without a flame. This option is configurable if you're using Cloth Config. Unfortunately, the redstone circuits are sensitive and tend to crumble when the pot is broken.
  • Some kind of internal inventory, so you should be able to use things like hoppers and pipes to automate your stew making. I'm not an expert with these by any means, so feedback on their ease of use is highly appreciated.
  • Lock your pot with a name tag! Only you will be able to interact with it until you use a name tag on it again.
  • Add potions to your pot to spread the effect across every portion.
  • Maximum configuration!



Images and Stuff

The crafting recipe, for those wondering.

Kinda like a copper boat!

Boil, boil, toil and trouble.


No fire? No problem! Use a Redstone Block on your crock pot to power it through magic electricity or something.

No fire? No problem!


Special Thanks:

To EmilyPloszaj, without whom this would not have been possible.

To kuyabatman, for the amazing new textures.


Help Wanted

- Localisation! I'd love to bring this silly little mod to more people in their native language, so if you want to localise it, just get in contact. If you know how to, do a pull request on the GitHub with the language file you've translated, and I'll approve it.


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