Hard Craft Textures

284 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.7

This texture works along with the Hard Craft addon - Download link


This addon simply makes all mobs attack you and even has 10x the original life and 50x the original damage


This addon is not totally original but rather a remake of three addons


Addons that increase the damage and life of the animal

1.Exploration V1 - Velocidusk

2.Hell In World V2 - Velocidusk - Failed to open because of unsolvable bugs


Addon that makes all the mobs attack you

1. Angry Animals - Ayrtown_Karlos


Install Guide

1. Download the last version of behavior

2. Install the texture with the same version of behavior

3. Move the texture to the past resource_packs

4. Move the behavior to the past behavior_packs

5. Active both in World Options


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