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1 author is the addons made for the love of ut
2 biological substitutes have:
Jigsaw instead of sheep
Ph.D. instead of cattle
Kris normal form instead of pig
Kris armor instead of dying
Lamb instead of 骷髅
Susie instead of witch
Susie armor instead of zombie
Lancer instead of live stripper
Lancer, he replaced the pig zombie
Jazz replaces the end of the shadow
Heart peach white instead of the end of the shell
Heart pink instead of slime
Brick white instead of silver fish
Square brick red instead of magma
Clown instead of magic
Ampoule instead of the Guardian
Horse duck instead of Wicks
Onion mulberry instead of squid
Timmy instead of leopard cat
Cat owner replaces village name
Repairman replaces zombie villager
Building blocks instead of the last shadow
Three cats instead of alpaca
Dust rabbit instead of rabbit
Bird instead of evil spirit
Xiao Yang’s doll replaces the armor stand
Wanderer replaces SANS
Oxygen dad replaces polar bear
Sheep mother instead of zombies
Moon cake dog instead of dog
Thanks to the authorizer
Boomerang scorer
Animatronic Crafter
Lost silver
Golden lion


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