Color Blindness Resource Pack

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Prefixes describe type of cones in human eyes: 

  • "protan-" - (greek. first) cones responsible for seeing red color
  • "deutan-" -(greek. second) cones responsible for seeing green color
  • "tritan-" -(greek. third) cones responsible for seeing blue color

Suffixes describe type of disability:

  • "-anomaly" - deficiency of particular type of cones
  • "-anopia" - absence of particular type of cones



Note: Tritanomaly and Normal Vision look very similar, you're fine

Installation Issues?

After unzipping move resource packs to resourcepack in minecraft directory.

wrong vs good installation directory

Quick Overview

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  • Use this pack for videos and normal gameplay*
  • Modify it for personal use

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  • Redistribute this resource pack without my permission


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