Youtube Lucky Block

50,990 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is my first 1.12 lucky block that I have ever made but I Hope Everyone Enjoys it.


this lucky block adds in youtube and youtuber themed items mobs and things and more.


the rest you have to find out for yourself.


this is my second lucky block and first for 1.12.2.


like my first lucky block you can't really make them more lucky or unlucky its really glitchy and doesn't work very well I might try to fix it in the future but for now they don't really work just keep them at zero luck.


if this can get over 1000 downloads then I will make a youtube lucky block v2 for 1.8 with lootplusplus.


currently this lucky block adds in new mobs drops custom wells giant lucky blocks and custom built lucky forts and temples and more very coming soon.


this block is also semi overpowered some times you might become super rich other times you will die a horrible death with up to 152 to 525 pieces of primed TNT that will rain from the sky and blow you to bits.


anyways Please Enjoy.




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