Vanilla Silk Spawners

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Hello everyone! My name is TheSaltyPug, and thank you or checking out my project!


Silk Spawners is based off of the Bukkit plugin of the same name. With this installed, players will be able to pick up any spawner block, provided that they are mining it with a GOLDEN PICKAXE that is enchanted with SILK TOUCH.


Why a Golden Pickaxe?

Because it gives you a reason to carry one.


To install:

Download the "Silk Spawners" file from the "Files" tab and place it into your world save folder. This is normally located at:

AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\<Your World>\datapacks


** This is a data pack which contains functions and advancements for Minecraft 1.13 and it's snapshots. It will not work in and previous version. It should work with all other data packs.


Please do not use the comments for bugs. Report bugs to:



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    • Helped with code
    • Used parts of modified code
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    • Used parts of modified code
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