UnCraft [Data Pack]

353 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 Game Version: 1.13

Caution while using UnCraft:

UnCraft overrides the following original recipes to prevent confusion:
  • magenta_dye_from_lilac
  • pink_dye_from_peony
Besides, must you:
  1. Never UnCraft any Shulker Box with items inside.
I am not responsible for any loss when you use this pack.

UnCraft supports
items and

Have you ever crafted wrong items by misclicks? And more importantly, have you ever wanted to UNCRAFT them?
With UnCraft, you need no worry.
Don't hesitate and try it out now.

  • UnCraft ALL craftable items
  • Smart UnCraft Logic
  • Save your inventory thus storage
  • 122 Advancements with hidden challenges

  • Do not support damaged and un-damaged tools, tipped arrows.
  • Do not support planks due to its two crafting methods.
  • Do not support pumpkin seeds due to its infinite loophole.
  • Cannot return 1 stick used to craft 16 rail.
  • Cannot return red mushroom if it is used to craft rabbit stew.
  • Cannot return ingredients used to dye beds, leather armors, shulker boxes.
  • Cannot return ingredients used to create patterns in banners.
  • Cannot return banners used to create pattern in shields.
  • Cannot return the exact firework star used to craft firework rockets.
  • Cannot return extra ingredients used in firework stars and rockets.
  • Multiple ingredients used to craft an item cannot be shown in the recipe book.

Future Updates/Suggestions/Feedbacks

  • Please remove the previous version before installing a new version.
  • Extract the zip file to the 'datapacks' folder inside a world save.


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