Ever went to scan something for Thaumcraft research points, only to find that that mod doesn't support Thaumcraft aspects? Thaumcraft has an incredible ability to get aspects through the crafting recipes, and does a fantastic job with what its limitations are. However if the initial item don't have aspects, it is impossible for Thaumcraft to calculate these aspects.


I have dug through, calculated out, and painstakingly attacked every item and block available outside of creative mode available from The Twilight Forest and individually imbued each one with the aspects of Thaumcraft magic ensuring a beautiful symbiosis of these two mods.


All items and blocks that were available in the 1.6.4 version of The Twilight Forest have the exact same aspects as their 1.6.4 counterparts except where an aspect was removed (ie. Saxum available in 1.6.4 version has been changed to Terra in 1.7.10)



This script requires Thaumcraft 4, The Twilight Forest, MineTweaker3, and ModTweaker installed on the client or server in order to work.


Download the TwilightAspects.zs file and place it in the scripts directory in your minecraft or instance folder. If the scripts folder does not exist, create it.



You are free to use this script file in any modpack. No permission is required, though credit is appreciated.


Comments and Suggestions:

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