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137 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

Hi there! Have you ever gotten bored of the default, lifeless music in vanilla Minecraft? Ever tried mods to solve your problem but couldn't use them in 1.14 because they weren't updated? Well say no more!


Trigger the Music is a datapack inspired by mods like Ambience and ActualMusic and specifically created to give your Minecraft world a richer and more vibrant auditory tone; it stops all the boring Minecraft music and replaces it with different music that plays dependent on your situation! Bugs are very possible, though it is pretty stable at the moment. Don't be afraid to leave an issue report (check tabs above) if you have any problems; please note that I am unable to make music smoothly transition to each other due to limitations with the /stopsound command. If you want smooth transitions between songs, vote for Mojang to add a delay parameter to the /stopsound command here. Now with the 1.2 update this datapack supports ambient noises; All you have to do to enable them is run /trigger toggle_ambience ingame with the new datapack.


Currently Supported Situations in Which Music Plays:
- Sunrise
- Sunset
- Day
- Night
- Snowy Biomes
- Mountainous Biomes
- Jungle Biomes
- Swampy Biomes (and Mushroom Fields)
- Hot Biomes (Desert, Badlands, Savanna)
- Ocean Biomes
- Underground
- Intense Situations (mobs surrounding you, low health)
- Village (not raids)
- Nether
- End
- Fortress/Strongholds
- Bosses (Ender Dragon and Wither)
- Deaths
- Rain


Ambient Noises currently supported (run /trigger toggle_ambience to enable):
- Daytime
- Night time
- Desert


Planned Features:
- More Ambient Noises (wind)
- Smooth Transitions between songs (see above)



mathgeniuszach - for making the datapack and modifying the lengths of certain songs to be more consistent with each other

CircuitLord - for making/compiling most of the songs in the resource pack and for putting it under the GNU GPLv3 licence for modification :) (The original pack he made for ActualMusic can be found here, the resource pack for vanilla Minecraft is a modified form of his resource pack to make it work in vanilla)

Yekonaip - for making a couple of the biome specific songs (the original playlist can be found on YouTube here)



In order for this datapack to work, you MUST have both the datapack installed (placed inside of the datapacks folder inside your world folder) and the resource pack installed. You can find both in the "Files" section above or to the right of this page. Once you have both files installed, type /reload in your world to load the datapack.

There are four trigger objectives that are enabled for all players:
/trigger ready_music (reloads and restarts your music. Useful for skipping a song or playing a song after a reload)

/trigger toggle_music (prefer Minecraft's music? Use this trigger to toggle the music from this datapack.

/trigger play_ambience (reloads and restarts the ambient noise playing.

/trigger toggle_ambience (enable and disable the ambient noises)


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