ThreeTake Cinematic Universe

7,762 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


This is a Addonpack for LucraftCore.
The Heroes are from the ThreeTake shorts (by lucraft)

6 Suits

The ThreeTake Cinematic Universe got 6 Suits:
Flay - a speedster like the flash
Slay - speedster,the enemy and reverse of the flay
MartyMcBrei - a time traveling hero
Ferrous Mark 1,2,3 - a hero wich can fly and shoot blue repulsors
The Doctor - Be a Timelord who travels in time

1. Put LucraftCore in .minecraft/mods
2. Create a Addonpacks folder in .minecraft or just start LucraftCore and put it in .minecraft/addonpacks
3. Put TTCU in it (don't extract the TTCU Pack)

ZoomVenom (me) for making the addonpack and the items for MartyMcbrei and Slay
Lucraft for making LucraftCore and all skins,heroes,the name ideas, for item textures of ferrous mark 1,2,3,for flay item textures,logo on the desc


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