The Doctor Who lucky Block Mod

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V1.4 Is Live!


The Cyber-Cross Update



The Doctor Who Lucky Block!

A Doctor Who Themed Lucky Block Add-on For The Lucky Block Mod!



The DW Lucky Block Adds in Tons of Fantastic New Drops! Some examples are-


Temple's, Fort's, Giant Lucky Block's, Well's, Oh My!

Awesome DW Quotes from the show!

An armor set for each Doctor, from 1 through 12! (+ The War Doc!)

A special Fan-Doctor armor set, The ClockWork Doctor!

Armor sets for DW Baddies including: Three different Daleks, Cybermen, And Weeping Angles! (Don't Blink!)

Dalekanium Armor inspired by the alloy, dalekanium

Cyber-Alloy Armor inspired by... Me!

Weapons And Items-

7 Sonic Screwdrivers (That's all of them!)

A Fan-Made screwdriver (A.K.A. MINE!)
Several DW 'props'!

Dalekanium Tools and Weapons!

Sonic-Tools and weapons!

Cool new DW themed blocks!

Some new towers, Mob apocalypse's, Bob-like enemies, and plenty more!


This Block is obviously any whovians dream, So Here's what'cha need to do!


Mods Required:


DWA (Doctor Who Addon, A special mod made ESPECIALLY for this block! Download Below!)

The Lucky Block Mod of course! (Be sure to get the correct version!)

Remember to download the same version for both the lucky block mod & DWA. The Doctor Who Lucky block's MC Versions should all be the same, and work accordingly.

...Possibly more (most custom items and such will be continued to be added through DWA, so other third-party mods won't be required! :D)


How to install:


Note: This is just how to install the block add-on, not how to install the lucky block mod or forge. You'll have to find that out for yourself! Google is helpful for this.

Note Number 2!: The Mod and the Add-on can and will be different versions, Just use the latest of each and everything should work fine

Step 1: Download All the required mods above and put them in you're mods folder (Should be located at roaming/.minecraft/mod) [DWA IS A MOD! It goes here as well!]

Step 2: Download The Doctor Who Lucky Block Add-On (Link below!)

Step 3: Place the Add-on in the Add-ons folder (This would be .minecraft/addons/lucky_block)

Final Step: Hit Play and Have Fun!





DWA Mod:

CurseForge Page



Removed 'Update Images' Section. It had outdated images and was a bit redundant, along with making the thread a bit longer than necessary. All IMPORTANT updates will come with 'featured screenshots' posted above.

V1.4- 'Cyber-Cross Update!'

-Added Tool-Tips to Armors!

-Fixed Armor Abilites- You now have to wear a full armor set to get the abilites!

-Added Cyber-Alloy Tools and GIGA-BroadSword

-Added CrossofLight's GIGA-BroadSword & Screwdriver (More of a sword really)

-Added crafting materials Cross-Core (for screwdriver) And Blaster Ammo (Not yet implemented)

-Added Sonic Blaster- Currently only shoots arrows and looks cool

-Added The ClockWork Doctor's Armor set (In other words, an armor set of me, or a fan-made doctor)

-Removed the Master ;)


A few texture glitches and minor details in coding. Some sets with health boost or absorption now use different buffs, because of a glitch where health was filled then removed, causing constant damage and limited health regen.

-Removed Older Versions Download (i feel like i broke them while updating so... just being safe)

V1.3- 'The Animated Update!'

-Added TARDIS Temple

-Changed Lucky Block Texture, and Lucky weapons and Potions Textures

-Added New drops to Lucky Sword, Bow, and Potion, Empty Drops less likely to occur

V.12- 'The Structures Update!'

Structures finaly semi-working (Thanks PlayerInDistress!)

-Added Galifrey Well (about 10+ new drops)

-Added TARDIS Fort

-Added Giant Space And Time Lucky Block (2+ drops)

Added MC Version 1.8

V1.1- 'The War of Towers Update'

-Added War Doctor Armor, and 4 'Themed' drops

-Added 28 'Lucky tower' drops

-Added Sonic-Giga Broadsword, and 2 Drops for it.

V1.0 - Release



There's quite a few names to put here, and please note that these are in no particular order :P

-Tmtravlr - For lucky block inspiration

-CazCadeMC - For lucky block inspiration

-PlayerInDistress - For the original lucky block mod!

-FuriosDestroyer (PopularMMO's) - For Plenty of inspiring minecraft modded videos and all the lucky block support!

.-Zeon_Blacktooth - For AMAZING HD Doctor Who textures! Check out his DW Texture Pack HERE!

A few more names will be added later, such as friends who helped me out with the mod.

For all the Doctor Armors, along with The Baddie armors, i didn't make the original skins. If you see a skin you've made here and want credit for you're skin, or if you don't want it in the mod, PM me and i'll take care of it ^.^


Extra Info (For Items, Armor, Ect.)


Tool Sets (Sonic + Multi-Tool, Dalekanium + GIANT Sword)

Sonic Screwdrivers (7 in total, 1 amazing HD texture for the 12th doctor's, No use as of yet, but are lucky drops in the mod)

Armors (12, one for each doctor, 5 more, Cyberman, Weeping Angel, And 3 Different Daleks, Each Armor comes with special abilities [Potion effects, strength, regen, etc])

The Chameleon Circuit Disguise Module- Add it to Dalekanium or Cyber-Alloy armor to turn it into a disguise!

Food (Jelly Babies! Fish Custard [EWWWW xD], Each gives special potion effects when eaten)

Vanity Items (Vortex Manipulator, Tardis Key, Neither has a use but both looks awesome)

Other Armor (Ten's 3D Glasses and Four's Scarf, Both are pretty neat looking and about as strong as Iron)

Blocks (Tardis Exterior Blocks, Tardis Interior Blocks, Techy-panels, Spaced-out blocks, Dalekanium Blocks, and a bunch of other cool stuff! Most of these textures were taken from the Tardis Texture Pack with permission. Check credits for link)

Download and play for your self to find out what else there is! (and what they look like!)

Crafting Info:

All the recipes (if any) are quite simple. The armor (Dalekanium and Cyber-Alloy) are crafted in the regular way with their respective ingots. You can also craft the Cyberman and Dalek disguises using a Chameleon Circuit Disguise Module and the respective piece (helmet,chestplate,boots) of the proper set (Dalekanium or Cyber-alloy)

you can also craft the Dalekanium tools using the regular crafting recipes for tools with dalekanium ingots.

These are currently the only NEW crafting recipes added by the mod. in the future i'll likely add ores and more recipes :)

The Doctor Who Lucky Block Recipe

This recipe... probably works :P

CrossofLight's Screwdriver Recipe

thats Cyber-Alloy, not Iron!

Cyber-Alloy and Dalekanium may be switched around, derp :P


Planned For Future Releases:

Planned For Future Releases:

Structures - Dungoens,2nd Giant Lucky Block

Companion armor?


Video's and Reviews

Review by PopularMMo's (Thanks for reviewing it pat! but did you really gotta do the outdated version? xD )
Outdated (V1.1 i think)


A Lucky Block Challange By JeromeASF


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I am Proud to say that The Doctor Who Lucky Block Mod is 100% Error free! (No Troll or Empty Blocks!)

This does not apply to any versions labeled 'Possibly Unstable'

Lucky Bow may get an empty shot, sorry about that.


Please leave a comment or PM me if you find any possible bugs or broken drops. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Known Bugs: Lucky Bow has small chances of empty shots.



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