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This Subscribers Counter include a datapack and a plugin.


Video : (in French)


First, the plugin is used to store the number of subscribers into a scoreboard.
And next, the datapack is used to display this number in the game.


Plugin operation :

First, the plugin need some information to get your number of subscribers. You can inquire them with those commands :
/youtube-api Displays the help menu
/youtube-api start [channel-id] Start the timer. You can find your channel id here :
/youtube-api stop Stop the timer
/youtube-api time <milliseconds> Configure the timer. We advise you to set tge timer to 5000 or 10000 milliseconds.
/youtube-api key <api key> Configure the YouTube API key. You need to get your API key for YouTube Data V3 on Don't give your API key to anyone!

The plugin was created by MasterKafei.


Datapack operation :

Know that at each tick the datapack execute 2 commands and that at each update of your number of subscribers, the datapack execute 108 commands + 30 commands for each armor_stand (11 for the number update and 19 for the color you've chosen). Know also that the counter can have 9 numbers at the most.

First, you need the settings book. Enter this command in your chat: /function subscount:book.
This book allows you to place, edit or kill your counters.
When you are editing your counters, all the armor_stands used have a glowing effect and your number of subscribers can't be updated.


To place a number for your counter, enable the edition in the book.
Next, drop a paper named "enable" on an armor_stand. The armor_stand will have a glowing effect. You can also drop a paper named "disable" to disable this number.
To choose the direction in which your counter will have to be viewed, just drop a paper named "north", "south", "east", or "west" on the armor_stand.
To choose the position of the number of your armor_stand, drop a paper named "number 1", "number 2", ..., "number 9" on it. The number 1 is the rightmost number and the number 9 the leftmost.
And finally, to choose the block or your counter, drop any block of concrete, glass or one of the following other blocks : coal block, iron block, gold block, lapis block, redstone block, diamond block, emerald block, quartz block, cobblestone, stone bricks, nether bricks, oak planks, slime block, glowstone or sea lantern.


For any questions, you can join DataWorld Discord.


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