StrokeBold's Speedpoint Universe

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Welcome in the SPU, the Speedpoint Universe!


With this Addon for the Mods Lucraft:Core, SpeedsterHeroes and HeroesExpansion by Lucraft, you can access to a whole new universe with superhero/and villain replicas and also self-creations!


What's actually in:


- Darkspeed (Speedpoint)

- The Hunter (Speedpoint Rebooted)

- The Reaper (Speedpoint Rebooted)

- Speedninja (Offensive)

- Speedninja (Defensive)

- Speedninja (Neutral)

- Drift (Fortnite Special)

- The Flash (New Mask Version, Speedpoint)

- Venom

- Spider-Man PS4 (Because I missed him so much in HE)



- Reaper (Powers for the "The Reaper"-Suit)

- Drift (Powers for the "Drift"-Suit)

- Ultimate Speedforce (New home for a familiar suit)


- English
- German

How to install:

- Download the Zip-File

- Open the .minecraft-folder

- Go into /addonpacks and drag the file in

- Launch Forge 1.12.2



Closed for now.


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