Strange Lucky Block

16,535 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 23, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Lucky Block: ';.{


160 drops

- Bombs

- Weapons

- Armor that gives you extra health

- "bedrock" boots (very OP)

- Enchanted Golden Apple cows

- Unlucky potions and lucky potions

- Sword that does a lot of damage

- Chaotic

And more drops...


This lucky block is more like the 1.8 lucky blocks and less like the 1.16 and 1.17 lucky blocks

You won't get really lame drops like coral or a stick or random potions

Also it is very evil, and you will die a lot :)

Throw the bombs at your friends!!


Look at images

Random videos with my lucky block:


 This is for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17

No it won't work for pocket edition

No there isn't a way to put it on pocket edition

Yes you need the mods to use it

 This lucky block also has an animated texture!

Carrot sword...very strange

This is the strangest lucky block...


1.17 v3



1.16 v2

c   c   c

c   l    c

c   c   c

c: chiseled red sandstone

l: lucky block


1.16 v1

n   n   n

n   l    n

n   n   n

n: netherite ingot

l: lucky block


Has some good armor and weapons, and I tried not to put any lame drops in.

1. Download Forge and Lucky Block Mod (links below) use installer

2. Put the Lucky Block Mod jar in your mods folder

3. Launch the forge jar and ignore the other stuff and just click “ok” for everything. 

4. Open the Minecraft launcher and create a new installation (the forge you installed)

5. Download this

6. Unzip this file

7. Place the unzipped file in the "lucky" folder in the addons folder

9. Launch Minecraft using the new installation

10. It should work (the instructions are the same for all lucky blocks, so if you used an addon before, do the same) Except unzip it


This addon needs forge to be installed > Click Here

Also needs the lucky block mod > Click Here

When you download the Lucky Block Mod, put it in the "mods" folder.

Thanks for 10,000 downloads! Apparently you can make money with this and so far I made $0.81



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