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Last Updated: Jan 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2



Dec 24, 2018

Owner: zomadestuff

❗ This datapack needs a resourcepack ❗

You can find the resourcepack "SteamForge Foundation" in the texture pack section in CurseForge.



SFF is fully vanilla minecraft general expansion datapack! most of  the explaining of what and how, is written in the spoilers section. This picture represents the major features in the datapack.

Release 1.3 out now! This is the most stable version so far so please download it. 



If you want, there is an addon for this datapack. The next datapack in the series! link:

you need to update SteamForge Aquatic to  v1.0 if you're using SteamForge Foundation v1.3



What Is A Datapack??:

Datapack is a new feature in minecraft java 1.13 which let users create custom creations using commands and loot tables. All of this in a file that can be moved from world to world easily.

How To Install The Datapack??:

You just put the datapack file in a "datapacks" folder in your world folder, and reload the world. If you want move detailed explanation you can see a file named "read me" in the downloaded file. or just search in the internet. :)


Recipes + Functionalities:

Crafting Forge: The foundation for all recipes


you can also break polished stones down:



Sledge Hammer: A tool used to craft more stuff in the crafting forge. put it next to the shears that's saying cutting and pruning.


Spatula and mortar: Tool for combining slabs in the crafting forge. put it next to the pickaxe that's saying mining and carving.


Glass Jar: A place to put stuff... specifically grass types and shulker bullets.

(Right click to use)




 Stone Barrel: New block for collecting fluids, 8 buckets at a time! And of course, you can pick it up 😁 (Right click to put, right click with bucket of lava/water to fill)


 Prismarine Stick: currently do nothing without an addon. But still craftable.

addons using it: "SteamForge Aquatic"

Iron Tube: currently not used but still craftable.

Blazed Purpur: dip some popped chorus in a barrel filled with lava. currently not used but still craftable.

and there is more... 😉


If you want to make your own addons for the datapack click here



Known issues:

  • Do not leave items in the crafting forge that create a recipe but waits for the output to be cleaned. it can(maybe, sometimes) stop other crafting forges from working. (only true when having multiple crafting forges in the worlds).  (Fixed in v1.2 and above)
  • The resoucepack might have a conflict with other 1.13 resourcpacks.
  • some items are not stackable so to stack them put 2 stacks of them in the 2 first slots in the crafting forge to combine the stacks.

Feel free to comment bugs, issues, feedback and suggestions for the datapack.


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