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Sleepless Nights

This project has moved to Planet Minecraft.

This data pack prevents any survival player from passing the night using a bed, but will still set the spawn point for a player when they do. Phantoms are only allowed to spawn on nights with a full moon, so you don't always get swarmed when the vanilla insomnia mechanics kick in after 3 nights without sleep.

By default, every night is sleepless, but you can set a minimum and maximum number of safe nights (during which you can sleep) between every sleepless night in the config. You are also able to enable or disable phantoms only being able to spawn on full moons in the config. You can find the configuration file in the data pack's .zip file at "data/sleepless_n/functions/config.mcfunction".

More information about data packs and how to use them can be found on the official Minecraft Wiki.