RWBY Fusion Breakout

97 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
V0.2.0+: Cusmetic Update(WIP)
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This Is A Lucraft "Add-on mod" that adds in stuff from rwby but with a twist. This "Mod" does not focus much on semblances, and weapons or much on the "good guys" but it givings the abilities of the creatures of grimm. I've been working on this add-on for a while and it originally was going to be filled with semblances from rwby, but then a rwby mod for 1.12.2 got an update to I scraped that idea and when for something different which is this you see here. This is not meant to compete with any actually rwby mods this is just a addon I made for fun :) hope you enjoy playing RWBY Fusion Breakout.

Required Mods:

Reccommended Mods:

Step 1: Load the Required Mods above at least once, e.g. lucraft: core.
Step 2: Download the latest file for the minecraft version you want, e.g. Minecraft 1.12.
Step 3: Open your minecraft folder and put the files in the addonpacks folder.
Step 4: Load the game.
Recommended versions:
Minecraft Forge:
Lucraft: Core: 2.4.6
HeroesExpansion: 1.3.4
Speedster Heroes: 2.1.4


Mod Showcases:

RedLikeRoses - Minecraft Skin - on Planet Minecraft


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