RFTL: Vanilla Edition

573 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.13.2

Have you ever wondered what uses rotten flesh has in vanilla Minecraft? Well, if you look on the Minecraft Gamepedia page, you can see that rotten flesh is used as food (if you're desperate), healing and breeding wolves, and trading with villagers. Well, all those uses are pretty, well 'useless." With this datapack, you can give boring, old rotten flesh a new chance at being useful! All you have to do is install this datapack and put rotten flesh into a furnace with some coal. And voila! We have leather! Basically, this data pack is the same as all the other rotten flesh to leather mods you've seen before, except it works in vanilla Minecraft, AND it's made for 1.13. No need to wait for Forge to update with all the other "Rotten Flesh To Leather" mods. Just download this data pack and install!


Installation instructions are provided in the datapack. If you still don't understand, go to this page!


Hope you download and enjoy!


See my  "1.13 Rotten Flesh To Leather In Vanilla Minecraft" post on Planet Minecraft!


NOTE: I am not affiliated with any of the creators of the Rotten Flesh To Leather mods out there. I have also seen that in a few data packs, rotten flesh to leather is added as a recipe, but this is the only data pack out there that focuses solely on rotten flesh to leather. If you're looking for a simple data pack that focuses only on this, "RFTL: Vanilla Edition" is right for you. Just to let you know, I never took the idea of converting rotten flesh to leather in vanilla Minecraft from any data packs. I came up with it myself. Thank you for reading.


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