RetroEnderIO recipes

66 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Tired of the extra stuff the latest Ender IO makes you do?
I took the recipes back to MC 1.10.2 version.


I just recently found this thanks to an Ender IO fan.
Ender IO for MC 1.12.2 does have a config file called legacy-recipes.
This is slightly different than my retro recipe list, you may like it better, and it is an easy adjustment.
    1) Find your Minecraft folder for your mod pack instance. This is different for Windows, Linux and Mac, so some research is needed. 
    2) Find minecraft/config folder.
    3) Find minecraft/config/enderio/recipes folder.

    4) In the recipes folder you will find "examples"  and "user" folders
    5) In the "examples" folder, find the file called legacy-recipes, copy and paste it in the "user" folder.
    6) restart minecraft.

The "examples" folder has many other possibilities you may choose to use.


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