RedHat v18.0 (Chocapic13' v5.1.1 Edit)

19,430 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5





Welcome to RedHat

One of the most realistic shaderpacks in the minecraft community




How was RedHat born?


While i was sleeping, i had a dream

I was sit on my chair just doing some gaming, but while looking at the screen of the dream, it was a shaderpack i NEVER saw before

After the dream, i decided to edit a shaderpack called "Chocapic13 v5", and old version of Chocapic13's

The first version of RedHat (v1) was released in February 22 2021

It was a modified version of my abandoned shaderpack (BQ) which was based on Chocapic13 v5.

In April 8 2021, i was planning to stop updating RedHat after i released the v6.1, but i decided to keep updating it, due to the huge success of the project.

Please, remember to thank Choca_13 and CYBOXGaming for making this project possible

A download for me is like a donation, if you want to support this project, you can download this shaderpack


What's RedHat?


RedHat is a shaderpack for the popular mod "Optifine"

RedHat makes your game much more realistic with a warm color, without decreasing too much the performance

Also, RedHat features his own settings menu, which allows you to customize the shaderpack, just go to Video Settings > Shaders > Shader Options > Settings


Which Minecraft version should i use?



The recommended version is Optifine G8 for 1.16.5, but any version to the 1.7.2 with optifine is supported 


Which graphics cards are supported?


Intel isn't recommended at all, due to bad performance and many driver issues

AMD is supported, but older versions (like v4.0) may have visual bugs

NVIDIA is recommended and fully supported


Any system requirements?


Every version from the v16.0 and up needs a GPU that supports OpenGL 3.0

Older version should work with OpenGL 2.1 too


Features & Effects


Settings Menu - Waving Objects (plants etc.) - Rain Drops - Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - Fog - Stars - Rain Reflections - Specular & Normal Map Support - Vignette - Lens Flares - 2D Clouds - Depth of Field - Distant Blur - Hexagonal Bokeh - Crepuscular Rays (Godrays) - Round Sun - Moving Camera - Moving Hand - Custom Emissive Color -  Custom Sunlight Color - Dirty Lens - Anamorphic Lens - Water Caustics - Shadow Filter - Shadows - Water Reflections - Ice Reflections - Optifine Emissives Support - Chromatic Aberration - Saturation - Cartoon Outline - Water Styles - Lens Flares styles - Eye blindness - Glowing sun - Night Desaturation - Lens Flares Styles - Water Styles - World Time Animation - Water Caustics Styles



Discord Server


Here you can discuss about RedHat, get access to older versions archive (including Beta and Alpha versions) and access to future versions



Other Discord Servers

Prismarine Graphics


Official discord server of Prismarine - BSL Edit shaderpack



Chocapic13 Editing Gang


I recommend joining this server if you wan't to do your own Chocapic13' Shaders Modification

Here you can meet many devs of Chocapic13 edits




MLGLOL80's Server


Family-friendly community with over 1,000 members

Owned by a YouTuber (MLGLOL80) with over 200,000 subscribers






RedHat PBR Add-on Resource-pack

A resource-pack for RedHat shaders, which adds speculars (reflections) and emissives, like SEUS PTGI






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