Recipe Expansion

153 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot

Minecraft is a great game with the recipes, but some is missing what would Minecraft round off... 

With the new feature with datapacks in 1.13, I have created 176 new crafting and smelting recipes. I have attempt to make it so vanilla as possiple.

The main feature is the recrafting back to the materials and a few addons like more ways to craft something.


Its very simplistic for understanding and make Minecraft not so frustrating, so try it out. If there anything you dont like, you can edit it :D


The Projekt is not finished yet! If you find a mistake or have ideas for more recipes, please tell me !

The Installation is very simple:

2.go into the roaming
3. .minecraft>saves
4.choose the world you want play
5.>datapacks the pack there and extract
7.ingame you must "make" /reload


Tell me what you think ;D



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