Quest For Everything

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Quest for Everything

Quest for Everything is a scavenger hunt game for survival Minecraft. The objective of the game is for the players to obtain all the items and blocks that are available in survival Minecraft. There are currently a total of 1414 (as of 1.21) items and blocks that can be collected. To obtain these, players will need to explore, slay, mine and craft.

Players will track their progress using custom advancements, one for each of the available items & blocks. These advancements are split up into Sections, grouping similar items together such as all the wood items/blocks or all the wool items/blocks. On completion of all advancements in a Section a Trophy will be awarded!

Some of the advancements are shaped differently, these are items/blocks which require a silk touch tool to obtain.

On commencement of the game, a scoreboard will appear at the side of the screen. This tracks how many items you have and how many you have left to go. There's also a Death Counter, which can be seen by pressing the TAB key.


How To Install

  1. First find the right datapack you'd like (one of either the "original" or the "small biomes" version). Download it and then uzip the file.
  2. To play the game, start by beginning to create a new Minecraft world.
  3. On the world creation screen, select the tab at the top of the screen called "More", then click the button called "Data Packs".
  4. In this menu, click "Open Pack Folder" and copy and paste into this the unziped "Quest For Everything" folder.
  5. Back in the "Selecting Data Packs" menu, hover over the icon for Quest For Everything, this shows an arrow. Click this to select the datapack to be used when the world is created.
  6. Make sure the world is set to "Creative" Game Mode & has "Allow Cheats" enabled.
  7. Once you load into the world, run the command "/function qfe:master/setup" directly, or run the command "/reload" to have the command appear in chat for you to click. This will create the Q4E Starting Lobby.
  8. If on a server, make sure that command blocks are turned on in the server configs.

If you wish to restart the game at any point run the function - "/function qfe:master/game_end/force_end" and it will reset you and send you back to the lobby to start over.

Small Biomes

There are two different versions of Quest for Everything. One is the basic datapack which can be used as normal in any new minecraft world on any minecraft seed. The other is a special version which gives a custom world with small biomes. This means that you do not need to travel for hours to find a Jungle or a Swamp.

If you'd like to change the seed used for generating the world in the small biomes version check out the Wiki which gives you a step by step guide on how to do that.

NOTE: 1.18 changed the way custom world generation was handled in a massive way so the new Small Biome code used in Q4E versions 1.4+ use a new system, while they still generate small biomes they are not as small as 1.17 Small Biomes were. Sorry for this inconvenience.


Game Features

During the game setup period, the side of the screen shows certain custom Game Configs. These can be turned on or off to customise your experience:

  • Natural Regeneration - If OFF, players will not be able to regen health. This doesn't affect external healing from things such as using the golden apple, the regeneration effect and such.
  • Keep Inventory - If ON, the players will keep their items and experience after they die.
  • Announce Advancements - If OFF, any advancement a player gets will not be announced in chat.
  • Announce Trophies - If OFF, any trophies a player gets will not be announced in chat.
  • All Recipes Unlocked - If ON, all the recipes unlocked at the start of the game for all players. If OFF, all players will gain recipes as normal just by playing the game.
  • Take Items - If OFF, an item will not be taken from the player upon obtaining an item for the first time. If ON, 1 item will be taken from the player upon obtaining an item for the first time.
  • Set Time - You can set the game to end after a set amount of time.
  • Set Score - You can set the game to end after a set amount of advancements/score has been reached.
  • Teams - When teams are active, signs will appear in the Lobby giving everyone the option of joining a team. There are 8 team colours to choose from!
  • Show Timer - If OFF, the timer above the hotbar will not be displayed. In addition no time will be shown upon completion of the game.

    In previous versions (under v.2.0) there was an additional game config:

    One Item Per Person - If ON then everyone on a team will need to obtain every time and block individually. If OFF when one person on a team obtains an item or block it will count as if everyone on that team has obtained it.

The Dragon Egg

Once one person obtains the Dragon Egg, it will give everyone else the advancement too. If a player is offline when the dragon egg advancement is obtained, they will gain it when they log in next.



Made by SirChi. My other projects can be found here.

With help from CheeseLiker, find them here.

Q4E was inspired by an idea from jloose128 and was kindly playtested by him and the Forgotten Turtles!


Thank you for playing!