Pumpkin Reaper Bossfight

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Pumpkin Reaper Bossfight
By krossy
This is probably my best bossfight ever created.

Starting Off
Step 1: Find a cursed skeleton and kill it. They are a rarer variant of skeletons that can spawn anywhere around the world. (Image of a cursed skeleton is shown below.)

Cursed Skeleton
Health: 25
Speed: Very Fast
Armor Points: 5 - 10
Difficulty: Normal
Attacks: Melee
Special: Regenerates health over time
Drops: Cursed Skull (You will need it for later)

Step 2: Find a Pumpkin Shrine. lmage of a Pumpkin Shrine is shown below.

After finally finding a Pumpkin Shrine, you will need a Jack O' Lantern and a Cursed Skull. Once you have these, right click the Jack O' Lantern FIRST and then the Cursed Skull on the strange core in the altar (Altar with the core is in the image below). The altar will then start to wither any mob nearby and prepare for a difficult battle.

The Pumpkin Reaper
Health: 600
Speed: Medium - Fast (Vex speed)
Armor Points: 2
Difficulty: Insane (Prepare yourself)
Attacks: 1) Throws three scythes at the nearest player
    2) Spawns three pumpkin bombs on each player in an 80-block radius
Special: Spawns with two cursed skeletons and four phantoms
Drops: Scythe of the Pumpkin Reaper (You can check the scythe's description in game to see what it does.)


PMC page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/pumpkin-reaper-bossfight/
DPC page: https://datapackcenter.com/projects/pumpkin-reaper-bossfight.264/


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