PopularMMOs lucky block mod addon

782 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016

Hi this is a fan mad mod for PopularMMOs. I have spent a long while on it and hope everyone enjoys it.If you do not know who PopularMMOs is... He is a popular YouTuber with over 8 Million Subs. Check out his channel with the link at the bottom. This mod is made to be like any other lucky block mod so that when you break the block it will give you a random surprise! You put it in the lucky block addons file and NOT the mods file. If you do not know what that is you should google it! It is intended for you to have fun and there are many mini games you can have and play with it. Have fun and check out my YouTube channel if you like it.My channel! Here is a really bad video review I did on it 

 If you do a video on youtube about this please leave a link to my channel in the description and if you want tweet me on twitter so i know @jakeklic Thanks                    His channel


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