PMDSky Song Pack for ActualMusic

952 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 9, 2017 Game Version: 1.12

This can pretty much be considered the ""official"" song pack for my mod, ActualMusic.  It cover nearly every area and event trigger, leaving out only a select few (5 total) that I didn't feel were necessary.  It even includes a few songs that will only be useful in a later version of ActualMusic.  Each and every song is by Arata Iiyoshi, made originally for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.


I chose this music in particular because when I make a song pack, I like to keep to a single source.  PMD:Sky has one of the largest soundtracks in my the library of games I own, so it was easily able to fill every song trigger in ActualMusic (and then some).  This pack can serve both as a good song pack for use in your game, and as a great learning tool for making your own song pack.  Every usable trigger with the exception of "BiomeTypePlains" and a few Day/Night variants are filled, and it includes some examples of redirection and custom zone music.


Come join the discord server, right over here!  If you don't have ActualMusic yet, you can find it here.


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