Nuclear Additions allows you to obtain many rare isotopes, such as Mendelevium, Einsteinium, Nobelium, Californium, Oganesson, Tennessine, Moscovium and many other elements (including from NuclearCraft, QMD and Moar Fuels, such as Curium-250, Berkelium-248, Californium-249-254 and more) using a decay hastener, an irradiator and a collision chamber (accelerator), by bombarding elements with ions of certain elements, which adds new ways to obtain rare isotopes (after all, now it is not necessary to build a huge number of reactors to produce californium). Almost all the recipes of this addon are based on real reactions and it brings a huge amount of realism.

   The addon was created by me and my friend ShuferOk for about a year, and during this time we have read a huge number of scientific articles and studied a huge amount of materials about the production of superheavy elements in accelerators. 

   The addon has Russian and English localization.



  • 2000+ new recipes;
  • 250+ new isotopes, among which there are superheavy elements, transuranic elements, and their variations (carbide, oxide, nitride, sodium, molybdenum alloy, zirconium alloy, molten versions);
  • 17 new Radioisotopic Units (RTG) that work with a decay generator and generates RF;
  • 20 new types of fuel (150 fuel units, if count all molten fuel for molten salt reactors, TRISO fuel, nitride, carbide, oxide, sodium, molybdenum alloy and zirconium alloy fuels);
  • 18 new ion sources for the linear accelerator and 16 ions from the elements;
  • Alternative recipes for creating Calcium Sulfate and Borax Solution based on real chemical reactions;
  • Some small items, missing from the original NuclearCraft (some new alloys (Ti-Mo-N Alloy, Titanium-Molybdenum Alloy), Uranium disilicide, Uranium dioxide, zirconium hydride, zircaloy dust, tough alloy dust, getting a piece of tritium from a piece of lithium-6 in irradiator, mendelevium and einsteinium spallation waste, etc).

Full List of new isotopes:

Actinium-228, Americium-234, Americium-235, Americium-236, Americium-237, Americium-238, Americium-239, Americium-240, Americium-244, Americium-245, Americium-246, Antimony-131, Berkelium-238, Berkelium-239, Berkelium-240, Berkelium-241, Berkelium-242, Berkelium-243, Berkelium-244, Berkelium-245, Berkelium-246, Berkelium-249, Berkelium-250, Berkelium-251, Berkelium-252, Berkelium-253, Berkelium-254, Bismuth-209, Bohrium-270, Bohrium-262, Bohrium-266, Bohrium-271, Bohrium-272, Bohrium-273, Bohrium-274, Californium-240, Californium-241, Californium-242, Californium-243, Californium-244, Californium-245, Californium-246, Californium-247, Californium-248, Californium-255, Californium-256, Carbon-12, Cerium-147, Chromium-52, Chromium-54, Copernicium-277, Curium-248, Curium-237, Curium-238, Curium-239, Curium-240, Curium-241, Curium-242, Curium-249, Curium-252, Darmstadtium-271, Darmstadtium-273, Dubnium-266, Dubnium-258, Dubnium-261, Dubnium-262, Dubnium-267, Dubnium-268, Dubnium-269, Dubnium-270, Einsteinium-240, Einsteinium-242, Einsteinium-243, Einsteinium-245, Einsteinium-247, Einsteinium-248, Einsteinium-249, Einsteinium-250, Einsteinium-251, Einsteinium-252, Einsteinium-253, Einsteinium-256, Einsteinium-257, Einsteinium-258, Fermium-258, Fermium-245, Fermium-246, Fermium-249, Fermium-250, Fermium-251, Fermium-252, Fermium-253, Fermium-254, Fermium-255, Fermium-256, Iron-48, Iron-54, Flerovium-288, Flerovium-289, Francium-222, Gadolinium-155, Hassium-274, Hassium-265, Hassium-267, Hassium-269, Iodine-131, Lanthanum-147, Lawrencium-262, Lawrencium-254, Lawrencium-255, Lawrencium-257, Lawrencium-258, Lawrencium-263, Lawrencium-264, Lawrencium-265, Lawrencium-266, Livermorium-290, Livermorium-259, Livermorium-293, Magnesium-28, Meitnerium-294, Meitnerium-275, Meitnerium-276, Meitnerium-277, Meitnerium-278, Mendelevium-244, Meitnerium-246, Meitnerium-249, Mendelevium-250, Mendelevium-251, Mendelevium-253, Mendelevium-254, Mendelevium-255, Mendelevium-256, Mendelevium-257, Mendelevium-259, Mendelevium-260, Mendelevium-261, Mendelevium-262, Mercury-198, Mercury-204, Moscovium-287, Moscovium-288, Moscovium-289, Moscovium-290, Neodymium-147, Neptunium-239, Neptunium-230, Neptunium-231, Neptunium-232, Neptunium-233, Neptunium-235, Neptunium-238, Neptunium-240, Neptunium-241, Nickel-58, Nickel-64, Nihonium-282, Nihonium-283, Nihonium-284, Nihonium-285, Nihonium-286, Nobelium-258, Nobelium-262, Nobelium-249, Nobelium-253, Nobelium-255, Nobelium-256, Nobelium-257, Nobelium-259, Oganesson-294, Osmium-192, Palladium-106, Platinum-192, Platinum-198, Lead-208, Lead-204, Plutonium-235, Plutonium-244, Plutonium-234, Plutonium-237, Plutonium-240, Plutonium-243, Plutonium-246, Polonium-218, Praseodymium-147, Protactinium-232, Protactinium-234, Protactinium-239, Protactinium-229, Protactinium-236, Protactinium-230, Radium-222, Radium-225, Rhodium-106, Roentgenium-278, Roentgenium-279, Roentgenium-280, Roentgenium-281, Roentgenium-282, Rutherfordium-266, Rutherfordium-253, Rutherfordium-257, Rutherfordium-259, Rutherfordium-261, Rutherfordium-262, Rutherfordium-263, Samarium-147, Scandium-48, Seaborgium-270, Seaborgium-261, Seaborgium-263, Seaborgium-265, Seaborgium-266, Seaborgium-267, Sulfur-34, Sulfur-36, Technetium-106, Tellurium-131, Tennessine-293, Tennessine-294, Thorium-226, Thorium-227, Thorium-228, Thorium-230, Thorium-231, Thorium-232, Thorium-234, Thorium-236, Titanium-48, Uranium-230, Uranium-231, Uranium-236, Uranium-237, Uranium-239, Uranium-240, Uranium-241, Yttrium-90, Zinc-64, Zinc-70, Zirconium-90, Radon-222, Xenon-231.

Full List of  new RTGs and Fuels:

RTGs: Iodine-131 RTG, Curium-242 RTG, Dubnium-266 RTG, Fermium-258 RTG, Iron-48 RTG, Flerovium-288 RTG, Flerovium-289 RTG, Francium-222 RTG, Gold-198 RTG, Livermorium-293 RTG, Moscovium-287 RTG, Nobelium-258 RTG, Oganesson-294 RTG, Rhodium-106 RTG, Scandium-48 RTG, Yttrium-90 RTG, Polonium-218 RTG.
FUELS: Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF Uranium Disilicide and Uranium Dioxide), Magnox fuel, TRIGA fuel, Molybdenum Alloy fuels (LEU-235, REP-235, etc.), Sodium-bonded fuels, HALEU-241 (and HALEU-241 QUADRISO pebble), BAT-250, cmAT-248, LEE-243, MIX-222, MIX-249, MIX-271, MIX-277, MIX-288, REA-235, REP-235, RECf-244, REMIX-238.



  • Move folders mods, resources, scripts from archive to your minecraft folder.
  • You have successfully installed the addon.

    Warning: If you have added custom ions or ion sources to your game and you have .lang files with some text along the following paths:
    In this case, DO NOT replace your .lang files with mine from the archive, all you need to do is open my .lang file (for example, en_us.lang) and copy all the text from it to your en_us.lang file along the same path.
    If you have never added custom ions and ion sources along the paths presented above - IGNORE THIS WARNING, you do not need it!

Required mods/addons: 

NuclearCraft:OverhauledQMDTrinityCraftTweakerContentTweakerMoar FuelsMoar Reactor FunctionalityMoar Reactor Components, NCOUTO (has a SiC-SiC Composite recipe)

Credits: Thanks lach_01298 for the help with adding new ion sources and for his mod - QMD, QuantumTraverse for great addons, and tomdodd4598 for the wonderful modification NuclearCraft:Overhauled.