Asphodel [New Dimension] Datapack for 1.14!

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Welcome to 
Asphodel Meadows v1.5


Today we release the first update of the new Asphodel Meadows for 1.14! 


Asphodel Meadows is a survival+ data pack adding new items, including armor, Tools, and accessories to enhance your game play!

it includes: 

- A new dimension to explore! 
- New ore type and crafting recipes

- Custom Crafter (The Infernal Machine) 

- New Armor, Weapons, Tools and Items (over 30 new items to collect and use!) 

- All new textures for items included in the resource pack! 

- Advancements added to help with progression.

Check out the new video!



 - How to install -


Once you've downloaded and extracted the .zip file you will have two folders: 
- Asphodel Meadows v1.5

- Asphodel Resource Pack


To install the datapack you will need to place the Asphodel Meadows v1.5 inside the "datapacks" folder of the world you would like to play on. something like this:




To install the resource pack you will need to place the Asphodel Resource Pack in your resource packs folder. (I think you can figure this one out!

once you have installed this correctly load up your world and type "/reload" (if cheats are not enabled you can also use F3+T to reload as well) 

here is a video if you have trouble:


Once you see this message the data pack is installed and ready to play! 

A couple of tips: 

 - Find the witches, they have secret plans for a new machine! 

 - If you get stuck on what to do next, check the advancements tab everything you need is in there

and read your recipe books! 

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Good luck and happy crafting!


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